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Scanwas products

Manufactured aggregate saves natural resources

Do you want to promote sustainable infrastructure construction? Versatile Scanwas manufactured aggregate is a responsible choice.

Scanwas manufactured aggregate is produced by treating municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash (MSWI BA) with our ADR dry separation technology. This aggregate is a responsible alternative to natural and crushed rock aggregates. It saves natural resources and thus ensures their availability in the future.

Our Scanwas manufactured aggregate can be used instead of sand and gravel in, for example, infrastructure construction and concrete products. The aggregate is especially suitable for the lower structural layers of, for example, pedestrian routes, parking lots, and storage fields. 

Scanwas manufactured aggregate products

Our dry separation treatment produces different kinds of raw material options for infrastructure construction and concrete industry. Please find more information on the products below.

Scanwas Bet1/5
Scanwas Bet4/12
Scanwas Infra0/2
Scanwas Infra0/32
applications, e.g.:
concrete elements

applications, e.g.:
concrete elements and paving stones
applications, e.g.:
filtration layers of
field structures
applications, e.g.:
sub-base layers of roads
and field structures

We supply all our Scanwas manufactured aggregate products CE marked. According to the new MARA-act (Vna 843/2017) the utilization of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash is now possible also through a notification procedure. We are pleased to assist you with any issues related to our Scanwas manufactured aggregate. 

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